Thai Massage vs Swedish massage: Which Is Better?

What is the difference between a Thai massage and a Swedish massage? They are different in many ways, such as in the techniques used, the philosophies, the use of oil, how clients dress, and the benefits. Knowing the differences between Thai massage and Swedish massage is essential in making a decision about which one is best for you.

Quick Facts about the Differences between Thai and Swedish massage


Swedish massage uses essential oils or lotions; therefore, clients are undressed and covered by a towel, lying face down on the massage table. There's no need to undress for Thai massage since the oils used are not essential oils and are often not applied.


Thai massage applies pressure onto acupuncture points to stretch and loosen muscles. Swedish massage, also called 'soft massage', mainly uses techniques that include stroking and rubbing.


A 'lazy yoga massage' gets its name from the fact that during a Thai massage, clients are rocked or stretched by the masseuse in various positions. During a Swedish massage, a client usually lies on the massage table on his/her stomach.


Thai massage is more dynamic and focuses on enhancing the energy flow. It has a bit more of a healing affect than Swedish massage, which is more focused on relaxation, mainly using long strokes and rubbing techniques to relieve stress and pain.

Thai Massage versus Swedish massage: Benefits

Both Thai and Swedish massage are beneficial to a client's overall health and well-being as they relax muscles and relieve back pain, let the body recharge, and allow the client to feel energetic. The different benefits between Thai and Swedish massage are listed below:

Which Is Better for You - Thai Massage or Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is better for people who:

Thai massage is better for people who:

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